Inspection reports

We achieved "excellent" (the highest possible grade) in all categories of our most recent Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) report - the Ofsted equivalent for independent schools.

ISI Inspection

In 2014, our ISI inspection report found that:

"Pupils of all ages are highly articulate, apply their understanding readily to new situations, show exceptional creative skills and contribuite to classroom discussion. Their attitudes to learning are exemplary. The highest quality of their learning is supported by excellent curricular arrangments, outstanding additional support for pupils who need it, and by excellent teaching."

Pupils are "mature, reflective, self-confident without being arrogant, and highly aware of the needs of others."

"Their [pupil] development is extremely well supported not only be the Catholic spirituality at the heart of the school, but also the meticulous pastoral care, excellent relationships, and their own sense of pride."

"Links with parents are excellent, as reflected in the highly positive responses to the pre-inspection questionnaires."

"Boarders enjoy comfortable accommodation and high quality care, appreciating both th eclose communities in which they live and the way they are fully integrated into school life."

A shorter, ISI compliance report in 2018 concluded that:

"St Mary's School, meets all required standards across both schools and in the boarding provision"

Denominational Inspection 2014

In 2014, the Diocesan inspecting body reported:

"They [pupils] are inspired and actively live out the core values of Mary Ward which are embedded into every aspect of school life."


"The pupils’ personal, spiritual and moral development is outstanding and this is reflected in their good behaviour, excellent relationships and positive attitudes."