Our Prefect Team

Taking the lead at St Mary's

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Our prefects play an active part in school life, taking responsibility for running many of our whole-school activities - from helping with community outreach to contributing to regular school events. 

Incoming team for 2021/22

Title Name
Head Girl Alice
Deputy Head Girl Niamh
Deputy Head Girl Jessica
Sports Captain Amy
Music Captain (Vocal) Ava
Music Captain (Instrumental) Rosie
Drama Captain Sarah
Wellbeing Prefect Olivia
International Prefect Kirsty
Student Voice Prefect Eliza
Mentoring Prefect Kaura
Special Project Prefect Tindra
Special Project Prefect Ria
Environmental Prefect Laura
Head Boarder Aliyah
Deputy Head Boarder Angelika
Boarding Prefect Jennifer
Boarding Prefect Sophia
Boarding Prefect Stephanie


"I joined the school in Year 8, and in the first whole school assembly the Head Girl at the time, Flora S, stood on stage and spoke to us all. Even though that was her final year ... for the past four years she has been a particular inspiration to me. Every time I watched her speak in assemblies, I decided that I too would try for the position of Head Girl, and hoped at least one other person would feel like I did when I watched Flora, by the time my role ended." Aisling H-B. Head Girl