Community and Compassion

Magnolian 2020/2021 | Working together, supporting each other

“If we can all tackle Covid-19, I am sure that we can tackle anything, and we will always be able to remember that ‘once a St Mary’s girl, always a St Mary’s girl’!”

Tabitha D. Head Girl

“This year has really shown what can still be possible despite obstacles, and re-enforced that however difficult, we must all continue working towards protecting our planet, and all life on it, for future generations.”

Harriet W. Environmental Action Group

“This year has been like no other; however, I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of such an incredible community like St Mary’s. The teachers supported and encouraged me; they were still so enthusiastic during the isolated times of lockdown that virtual online learning was like being in the classroom. The positivity of St Mary’s is unique and even though lockdown was difficult, they helped me through it all.”

Amelie D. Sports Captain