Youth STEMM awards

The Youth STEMM award is a focused and engaging framework for young people aged 13-18 to further their passion, knowledge and skills in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine).

This personal programme of activities is split into four strands:

  • inspiring the next generation
  • engaging the public
  • developing your skills and knowledge
  • shaping your future.

Each of these four strands gives students a different focus on STEMM, that enables students to practice acquired skills or develop new ones. The award enables participating students to recognise, reward and later draw upon evidence for the skills they develop throughout the award. For example, when they make GCSE and A Level choices, write their first CV or apply for work experience, a university degree, a FE college or apprenticeships.

Our approach

Throughout the process, the students are encouraged to exercise and develop their communication and collaborative skills through working amongst fellow peers. One of the most prominent opportunities for this to happen is through the organisation of prospective events. The students work together to think, plan and organise activities to be run in the school during our internal STEM week, through outreach at a local primary school, the Big Biology Day, or at the Cambridge Science Festival.


The STEMM Award boosts confidence and encourages girls to identify areas in which they need further development such as skills related to engaging the public, which requires students to demonstrate use social media or technology as well as events to connect with the wider public.

EC sessions in school provide much-needed time and space for students to identify and plan activities. Our supportive approach catalyses student engagement and encourages them to articulate and share their personal journey on a weekly basis. These sessions have become an environment where students’ personal development is fostered by their mentors (Mrs Lewis, Mrs Chatterjee and Dr Alves Martins). Students are encouraged to set personal goals and monitor their own progress right to the end of the award.